Tuesday, May 26, 2009


I'm not exaggerating when I say I got more visitors in the past week than I had during the entire 2008 study. There were reporters, photographers, a camera operator... but some gift-bearing geeks also showed up!

NASA ward
Jay is one of the mathematician chefs, who must take our daily weight and nutritional requirements, then calculate what precise foods make it onto our plates. We were introduced last year, and upon being re-aquainted, he brought me a surprise! ... the Star Trek Glasses now being sold with Burger King meals.

Also, pals John and Chris, affectionately known to our circle as "the marketing guys," helped me pass some lunar tilt time, and brought me a fantastic collectible die-cast of the USS Enterprise. SWEET. There are 6 ships in the series, this one being the NCC-1701 refit. They get all the credit for our fun media spots in newspapers, radio and TV. It's been great working with them to "get the word out." Here's hoping recent press encouraged some people to apply for the amazing projects at the NASA ward!

NASA Study
Last time I was here, Mrs. L sent me Captain Kirk & Yeoman Rand dolls; and Eric, another staff member, brought two Star Trek calendars. Good thing I never stay too long, or they would to have to build shelves in "my" room, LOL. Excellent presents all, thank you so much everyone! :)

Stay tuned, more to come in the Visitor Gallery...