Monday, May 18, 2009

Jazz Hands!

So here's the sissie who SHOULD have been my roommate... miss DaVonne M. from Ohio who currently lives in Iowa. Well, actually -- she currently lives in the room next to mine, but after her 60-day bedrest project is over, she goes back to Iowa to rejoin her fiance, Steve, and her young daughter, Naomi.

We really hit it off as soon as she checked in, and are already bummed out that we won't have much time here. But we're making the most of what we do have!

PillownautsSpirit Fingers!

DaVonne heard about the study through a friend who travels around for research studies, and recommended NASA as a good place to contribute -- and here, she has free time to study. So when I'm blogging, she's doing homework, working toward her bachelor's degree in interior design.

We've been shushed after getting rowdy a couple times, always a good fun factor sign, but we know we better keep it down before we start annoying the nurses. Then again, Devin came back for another visit, so it may be too late for that! He and I didn't have time to paint our ceiling tiles last time, so we finally got our chance now... along with Todd R., another lunar study participant.

Todd lives in Austin, TX at the moment, but like Devin, hails from Iowa. (What is it about Iowans and NASA studies??) He's also lived in Houston, Miami and Ft. Lauderdale. Todd just completed his Doctoral Dissertation in Clinical Psychology, and will be seeking his license soon. You may also be able to tell that he is a fellow Star Trek fan...

PillownautsI though this tile was the most original... he was the first to work in 3-D! Instead of just painting a surface, he cut and glued foam planets. Clever, eh?

To see the rest of the new ceiling tiles and our other arts & crafts projects, go to the entire Art Gallery over in my Picasa albums! Definitely our funniest collection yet...