Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Better Day

This is the fun part. After the body adapts to the new positions, you get to learn more about the science of the simulations, why the protocols were designed a certain way, how they changed and developed over time to be more accurate, why it simulates "life on the moon" and so forth.

This time, adaptation went much more smoothly and swiftly than in the -6 tilt, as it's less taxing on the body... thought once you're in bed, you're there to stay! That can be a weird thought... naturally wanting to get up to do some normal thing, and realizing you have to manage it from a bed. The upward tilt is easier in terms of seeing the environment, but a bit tougher in terms of reaching items sometimes, depending on direction I have to stretch my arms.

I can't play Arts & Crafts with the gang anymore, but everyone comes to visit me in my room, and I'm keeping busy with the internet, books, music, DVDs, etc. "Adjusting" easily morphs into "relaxing" and I start to realize this is about as good as it gets. I'm not running up bills, I'm not doing housework, I'm not mowing the lawn, I'm not using any gasoline, I'm not even doing my own dishes or grocery shopping. Not too shabby.

Lunar StudyYou can see what a strain this is ;)

In news of the real off-world:
Yesterday, human hands touched the Hubble for the last time, so hopefully it will last us at least another decade! The Shuttle Atlantis crew are enjoying a "day off" during their travel back to Earth, after having performing a whopping 37 hours worth of space walks! Thunderstorms in Florida may keep them in the sky longer than plannned, but fingers crossed for their safe return :)