Thursday, May 21, 2009

Simulation Schedule

New Reader (I think!) Jerry asks: How often do they change positions or is it just the four times?

There are actually eight changes throughout the "Lunar day," surrounded by various exercises, meals and recording activities. Each day, the monitors write a schedule for every subject on whiteboards in our rooms. Here's a sample of my schedule before the lunar bed phase:

Lunar Study
Lots of playtime! Almost too much. And here is my schedule after the lunar bed phase began:

Lunar StudyThis is the standard schedule for days 1,2,3 and 5. On day 4, there's a deviation for massage therapy... then on day 6, another deviation for a repeat of the plasma volume testing. At first glance it looks crazy, so when I first got it, I typed it out so I could review it more carefully, getting an idea of the patterns:

0600 Wake Up Call
0615 Vitals (Blood Pressure/Temperature)
0630 Weight Scale
0645 Hygiene Time + Don Compression Stockings

0730 Bed Changes from Horizontal to 9.5 degrees STANDING
0745 Breakfast
0800 Comfort Log #1
0805 Stretches (To prevent blood clots) #1
0840 Comfort Log #2
0845 Bed Config Change to SITTING
0930 Lower Leg Moves #1
0940 Comfort Log #3
1030 Comfort Log #4

1100 Lower Leg Moves #2
1140 Comfort Log #5
1145 Bed Config Changes to STANDING
1215 Comfort Log #6
1230 Lunch
1300 Comfort Log #7
1320 Comfort Log #8
1330 Bed Config Change to SITTING
1415 Lower Leg Moves #3
1420 Comfort Log #9
1430 Vitals (Blood Pressure/Temperature)
1500 Comfort Log #10
1545 Lower Leg Moves #4
1620 Comfort Log #11
1630 Bed Config Changes to STANDING
1700 Comfort Log #12
1730 Dinner
1800 Comfort Log #13
1815 Stretches (To prevent blood clots) #2
1850 Comfort Log #14
1900 Bed Config Changes to SITTING
1945 Lower Leg Moves #5
1950 Comfort Log #15
2015 Comfort Log #16

2030 Lower Leg Moves #6
2100 Comfort Log #17
2115 Bed Changes From 9.5 Degrees to Horizontal
2120 Comfort Log #18
2130 Remove compression stockings
2135 Respiratory + Heartbeat assessement & foot check
2200 Lights Out

Looks pretty busy in comparison to last year's schedule, even on days with multiple tests! However, many of the activities are quite brief. For instance, the bed tilting takes maybe seven minutes, filling out a comfort log (noting down any parts of the body experiencing aches or discomfort) only takes two minutes -- and then I'll have an hour to kill. I always have to stretch for thirty minutes, but the leg movements are timed at thirty seconds for each foot... and boy do those feel good after being still for so long!