Friday, May 8, 2009

New Science!

I'm back in "my old room" on the ward -- same one I was in before, though now there are two beds in here... I'm in the one nearest the door. The bed nearest the window is a special contraption designed to imitate a moon trip.

I'd hope to get some photographs of it, even though I won't be in it for many more days. I also thought I would write something pretty extensive today to describe the program, but then one of the creative folks around here sent me this great flyer with explanations:

NASA Lunar Study
Click to see the PDF file... I'm just assuming everyone has Adobe these days, but do some people not have this as a staple of their systems? Holler at me if you cannot read this, and I'll re-create it on a regular web page.

Since someone else did the writing for me, I ended up transferring photos today, and will upload the sights & smells of Houston next...