Saturday, May 23, 2009

Home Town Rag

A writer and photographer from the Austin-American Statesman newspaper visited yesterday, and wrote a story about both NASA projects for the Science section of today's edition. My friend Karyn in Austin found it before I did, and left this missive on my Facebook wall this morning: "my dad called to say you were front page!!"

NASA Research Studies
I guess he still likes print, as I do. Of course, at the moment, I can only read the online version of the interview at ... but this is the subscription I read at home, so it's exciting for me! Not that it isn't fun being on the news in Houston, but I was very happy my local press was helping to spread the word.

This next piece was more of a surprise. Moon Daily, one of the five branches of the Space Media Network, ran a story on the Lunar Study, delving into great detail. However, I have no idea how they got the information. I got no calls or visits, and wouldn't have known about it, if not for an astute reader on Wyle's Psyche staff. Good catch Daphne! :)

NASA Lunar Study
That picture was taken last August by a FOX photographer, so mayhap unbeknownst to me (or knownst to someone at JSC), they are affiliated somehow. It's a mystery!