Friday, May 15, 2009

New Roomie

UTMB Well for the first time here at UTMB, I have a roommate... and she's pretty obnoxious! I mean, thank heavens she doesn't snore or anything, but she's just a total snob. And after I've been so friendly and welcoming!

Where do I file a complaint?? Seriously, get her out of here. Come on, I want someone who is at LEAST a snappier dresser.

Melissa They told me her name was Melissa... I keep asking her where she's from, what she does for a living, how she likes it here on Galveston Island, but it's no use. Just not the chatty sort, I guess.

"Hey, the Atlantis crew are replacing gyroscopes on the Hubble today, They're showing the camera feed from one of the astronauts' helmets... turn on channel 39!" She doesn't even bother to answer. So rude.


Switching off satire mode, just in case anyone thought that was even remotely serious. Not sure what they are testing over on the lunar bed... likely something having to do with weight or pressure. In all honesty though, this thing is kinda creepy. It startles people. I rolled my table in front of it last night so I wouldn't catch sight of it in a sleepy haze.

You can tell I have a bit more time on my hands with this project.