Sunday, May 24, 2009

Q&A Sequel

Anonymous says: Hello! When I saw the picture of you in the paper, I thought about these glasses... They have worked great for me!
Those are hilarious... they should issue a pair to every new check-in, LOL...

BedSpecsp.s. - Please please leave a name if you comment! Even if it's not your own name. Seriously, make something up. This "anonymous" stuff bums me out.

Raymond L. of Wichita, KS asks: Are the compression stockings painful?
You know, after you're worn high-heeled shoes for decades, feet get used to the abuse! My calves and shins aren't used to the constriction, but I actually think I've been quite lucky. While my back pain still comes and goes after being in the same position for a long time, I have not had the foot pain or hot spots that some others reported. I itch a bit at night where the elastic band rests around the calves, but otherwise they have not bothered me. In fact, one night, a nurse had to remind me to take the stockings off because I had forgotten all about them!

Sach in Auckland, New Zealand asks: I'm SO close to asking you for an autograph! I might just, one of these days! You plan to release any photos of you that people can buy and get autographed? ;)
And in today's episode of Not Bloody Likely... LOL, I have had a smattering of such requests and am not sure if I should find them flattering or alarming. I do have a Postcard Exchange on my NavBar, so if anyone wants to swap with me, I guess you'd get my signature by default that way... but I'm pretty sure Kato Kaelin's autograph would still go for more than mine on E-bay. ;)

Speaking of postcards, I just found a whole stack that had been mailed to me after Hurricane Ike! I'll post those soon to show all the great places folks wrote in from... and hey, I have nothing yet from New Zealand...

Christina Maxwell in Landstuhl, Germany asks: I enjoy reading about your study. Thanks again for blogging it all. One question...I know that Texas is a very warm climate. Does the study allow you to be in the air conditioning?
Thank you, glad to see you back! Texas is definitely warm, and Galveston Island is quite close to the Tropic of Cancer... lots of heat and humidity. So we definitely have air conditioning... it would be pretty stuffy in here without the building HVAC system. (Sometimes it seems a little too efficient to me though, I get icy fingers and toes.)

Brandy in Greenville, SC asks: So fun! [A news article] In your hometown! (Well, almost) After all this they should just send you to the moon base when it is built. You would go too, wouldn't you.
Negative. No hockey arenas. When the NHL opens the season at the lunar poles, that's when I'll sign up... :)

NHL On The Moon