Monday, August 11, 2008

Sarcasmo’s Halfway Point

Day 45! I would have to say it has come about way faster than I expected… doesn’t seem like its been that long. Time has just flown by, especially since my new roommate just went head-down this past Friday, and I get to harass him about crying like a little girl from the aches and pains of fluid shift, hahaha… just playing Marcus ;)

I noticed people have asked about the food in various comments, and well, since I have eaten every meal on the rotation probably 5-6 times now, I’ll give my critique. I would say they’re all fine, but some are more desirable than others. The pizza and chicken quesadillas are by far the best dishes. The tuna casserole pita and the two step chicken (cream of mushroom soup and chicken pieces over rice) are probably the lowest for me.

Now, after 45 groundhog days, some of you might wonder, is there anything I look forward to or really dread? I would say I always look forward to my hour massages (don’t know how I ever lived without ‘em) and going outside for 15 minutes (fresh air does the body good). As for dreaded stuff, it seems 6:00am comes earlier and earlier every morning. Other than that, all is well. There have been a few changes since I started: my hair is a little longer, beard is a little bushier, Spanish vocabulary a little bigger...

Heather and Candace on UTMB Grounds
In other ward news, Candace returned today… One more California Girl in the fold! Candace, a realtor who works in both Nevada and California, was here in early July for a previous study, and has returned to the program a second time for the 12-day lunar study. Welcome back, Candace!