Friday, August 15, 2008

Bright Hub

Today I received the most gratifying email thus far into my project here at NASA. I’ve excerpted many comments and questions, but this time I’d like to share the whole email from former 2nd-grade teacher Elizabeth Wistrom, who found time in her busy schedule of raising three active sons (aged 4, 8 and 10!) to help make this project visible in a Science forum aimed at giving people the tools to use technology more efficiently at work and in life:

Hi Heather! A review I wrote of your blog has been published on the K-12 Educational Learning Channel for Bright Hub:

I know that K-12 educators from around the country will be excited to share your project and fascinating blog with their students this fall! The K-12 Channel is a relatively new addition to Bright Hub, which up until now has focused mainly on science and technology. We are hoping that the word will get out, and teachers will see what a fantastic classroom resource it is. Keep up the great work! Your dedication is admirable, and will serve as a wonderful example.

Hey, wasn't I just talking about how I wished we had more folks helping kids learn about the space program?? I love this. She also mentioned she and her boys enjoy reading about the NASA project together... we hope other kids will too. Thank you, Elizabeth!