Friday, August 22, 2008

Firefly Cult, NASA Chapter

So we've been infiltrated. Now seriously, all that's missing is the popcorn; even the staff are hovering and starting to watch Firefly with us. Devin wanted to see some episodes after reading about it on the blog, so we're watching the entire series AGAIN... working our way up to the Serenity movie once more. Two other subjects then joined -- including new arrival Deron, who was already a fan. Watching this appears to be a community endeavor now. Part of the fun has been figuring out all the Chinese phrases, only to find we were better off not knowing what they were ;)

Candace also got about halfway through the episodes with us, but sadly, she finished her lunar study and flew back to California... Happy Trails, Blondie! It won't be the same without you!

TODAY... was Devin's birthday and my 30-day mark!
Over the past couple days, we shot videos of everyone's birthday wishes to Sarcasmo and surprised him with it as we all watched it together over lunch. There was singing, there were presents and fun was had by all. I'm kinda fuzzy on precisely when the party degraded into rubber-band snapping, since I still had a headache from a nitroglycerin test earlier in the day, and I bowed out when the guys started popping balloons.

In other news, I have now been head-down for a month, and it sure went by fast! It honestly doesn't seem like I'm already a third of the way through!