Saturday, August 2, 2008

Photo Galleries & Artwork

Just kidding about the whole "turn your computer monitor sideways" thing yesterday. Sometimes we get a little punchy in here. We knew what you meant. The video clips show us many days/weeks into bedrest, and wow, do we look... um, CASUAL. So, we picked a couple photos that are more indicative of our usual lives. Click on the thumbnail to see actual size.

Pillownaut & SarcasmoAlso have a new picture collection, but some sad tidings of someone checking out today. Everyone here paints a ceiling tile upon completion of their project. It's the only art we can see easily while being wheeled around the facility! Michael just finished the 12-day Lunar Study, and came to show me his tile before he left for home. Click on his picture or this link to Picasa to see a gallery of ceiling tiles from all the subjects.

NASA Test Subjects Have fun on your travels, Michael, and everyone wishes you the very best of luck in Medical School!