Tuesday, August 5, 2008

ISS Animation

I love this! Tietronix Software, Inc. is a Houston company, which specializes in applications development, and has many examples of their animations online for public viewing.

This great animation they created for NASA shows, in chronological order from 1998 onward, all past work on the International Space Station, and planned future construction. You can see the American laboratory and airlocks, the docking compartment and CETA carts (Crew and Equipment Translation Aids), plus many nodes and truss segments. In coming years, we will see the European module, and Japanese Logistics/Experiments modules.

So. Utterly. Awesome.

Pretty quite around here today, as there is only a skeleton medical crew. Tropical Storm Edouard made landfall right over us; I'm watching it batter my window as we speak. Nowhere near hurricane force, though... so hopefully it will cause minimal wind damage and just bring some much needed rain to Southern Texas.

Monitors and other personnel were encouraged to stay at home until it dies down, and I haven't even seen anyone pass my door in about half an hour. VERY different from a usual weekday, with science teams all rushing hither and thither with clipboards and binders, coming at us with big grins and piles of electrodes. All testing has been temporarily cancelled, so that people aren't having to commute to and from JSC in this gale. Safety first!