Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Fish, Fun & Firefly

So we have new pets in bedside aquariums, compliments of our thoughtful and creative Activities Coordinator, Michelle. Devin named his Sharkie, and here's mine, who I named Firefly -- that is the set of DVDs I happen to be watching now. (Lucky for the fish he didn't arrive while I was watching Burn Notice.)

Any other Firefly folk reading along? As a sci-fi devotee, I am not sure how I missed the Serenity cult up to this point... but Kevin (remember him from the past Lunar Study post?) was about the umpteenth person to express surprise that I'd never seen the show, and recommended it. Hey, he walked into my room wearing a Star Trek T-shirt, I took him for trustworthy!

They could triple the price of this series and people would still buy it for Morena Baccarin alone. Always awesome Adam Baldwin is in the cast, which I never knew... and a scruffy-looking nerf-herder named Nathan Fillion, who looks like a hockey player. Score.

Interestingly, seems STS-117 astronaut Steven Swanson was a fan; he took the Firefly DVD set with him on Space Shuttle Atlantis last year to the International Space Station, where it remains in the ISS Mission Library.

NASA Astronaut Swanny
In other news, I'll address curious readers of past comments/emails, and first off, let me express a stunned and sincere thank you to everyone who offered to send me books and DVDs. However, with the kind of influx of I must politely but appreciatively decline at this point, I'd have to be here for a solid year to get through it all. I already have more media and printed matter than I have clothing!

My Activites List, shows all the books I'm finally catching up on! At present, I am halfway through a mediaeval history collection about 13th Century England and Wales, which follows the battles between King Henry III, his son Edward I, and the last Welsh ruler, Prince Llywelyn ap Gruffydd ... before the land of Gwynedd (pronounced "Gwyneth," a territory of northern Wales) was subdued, and the title "Prince of Wales" shifted to the eldest son of the English Monarchy.

Light reading. You asked. Next up, more Sci-Fi.

Favorite Firefly Quote:
"How come you don't care where you're going?"
"Because how you get there is the worthier part."