Saturday, August 9, 2008

A Day In The Life

Hockey-Chica Rene of Santa Clara, CA writes: Something that might be interesting -- Give us a time table of a whole day!
A blow-by-blow list of activities here at Camp Couch Potato? Not at all riveting, but I'm all about the "ask and ye shall receive" thing.

06:00 - Woke up to Simon & Garfunkel

06:01 - Morning news rounds on CNN, MSNBC, FOX...

6:14 - Vitals check by Nurse Achamma

6:32 - Big scary scale rolled in for weight check

6:44 - Debated sticking a sharp object into my eye, or just turning off the news

6:45 - Turned off the news

6:46 - Wondered why I always watch the [eternally BAD] news

6:47 - Booted laptop to login to numerous accounts; still trying to catch up with email tsunami after being on television.

7:10 - Respiratory/Circulatory assessment by Nurse Tammy

7:14 - Humbly amused by a guy in the Ukraine who passed me links to articles in cyrillic. Seems I made the news in Russia, and they have another reason to think we yankees are all fruitbat crackers.

7:30 - Breakfast (Eggs & cereal with juice)

7:44 - Caught up at,, and lobbed an email back to a Pittsburgh Pens fan who wanted to know what team I follow. San Jose Sharks mostly, since northern California is my home ground, but I'll pretty much stop channel flipping when I see any large angry toothless Canadians on frozen water.

8:00 - Turned off computer to read my book

9:00 - Stretching exercises routine

9:30 - Wrote some postcards

10:00 - Rolled to Shower

10:30 - Emails while listening to music... Jeff Buckley, Tracy Chapman, Pink, Sammy Hagar

11:15 - Read National Geographic magazine

12:00 - Rolled to common room to watch "The Bucket List" with Devin, Marcus, John & Richard

12:30 - Lunch (Burger & veggies) during movie

14:00 - Massage by Cristalla

15:00 - Emails & music... Unckle Kracker, Savage Garden, Lisa Loeb

15:15 - Vitals check by Nurse Nicki

16:00 - Stretching exercises routine

16:30 - Read National Geographic (Same one. They're thick!)

17:30 - Dinner (Salmon & wild rice) while watching "Forensic Files" on TruTV, and you really shouldn't watch that show while eating ANYTHING ;)

18:00 - Watched a Vin Diesel film... also checked out the new materials at favorite links: and hilariously-tasteless Joe Go into the GAMES section and play "Blend the Boss!"

19:02 - Respiratory/Circulatory assessment by Nurse Jackie

20:00 - Emails

21:00 - Wrote this blog post, and will read my book again until lights out

So there is my big fat strenuous weekend. Tomorrow I might even strain myself to make a phone call.