Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Busy Busy Days

Also, a big milestone to report: today was Deron's "Head Down Day." We took a long walk (well, in my case, a gurney "roll") around the building this morning, and outside for some fresh air, so he could utilize his legs one last time... then at 11:00 am, he joined the ranks of the -6 degree club.

In other news, Devin just hit day 60, his two month mark. Only one month to go for Sarcasmo!

As for me, nothing new to report until mail call. My Sci-Fi buddies, Mr. & Mrs. L in California, shipped me this awesome Star Trek 30th Anniversary collectible, with Ken & Barbie filling in for Captain Kirk and Yeoman Rand. (I guess Mattel doesn't have a mold for Vulcan ears, pity.) What will they think of next?! I have never had a Barbie doll before that I can recall, and never thought I'd get my first at age 38, LOL... thanks guys! This has been one heck of a conversation piece around here!! Tich Tor Ang Tesmur :)