Saturday, July 12, 2008

An Unexpected Benefit

I am addicted to NASA Television, which is piped into our rooms, and includes astronaut interviews, as well as NASA project updates all over the US. The 124th shuttle launch took a crew up in May, and some are still there completing various tasks. Yesterday, I spent at least an hour just watching the space station cameras capture the earth’s rotation, and a couple Russian guys go on a spacewalk. Here's a photo of my screen, showing Hurricane Bertha as seen from the ISS: Check the size of that storm!

NASA Television
Today I’m listening to Mission Control chatter in both English (from Houston) and Russian (from Korolev). It is truly fascinating just to watch them go about their daily weightless business in micro-gravity!

Click on the play button twice to watch the 20-second video, and see if you can spot astronaut Greg Chamitoff before he moves :)