Thursday, July 31, 2008

Much Ado About Slacking

Intense fanfare today, what with us being on the top front of the Fox News 26 Houston website for 16 hours. Candidate Obama finally unseated us. This was the piece on the local 9 O'Clock News yester eve:

Very special thanks to Reporter Ned Hibberd
and photographer Mike Foster for making our week!

Another story with quotes, "NASA Test Subjects Paid to Stay in Bed Three Straight Months" hit the general website in the early afternoon -- and then it immediately hit Slashdot, at which point my blog hits and email went HAYWIRE.

I got a ton of good questions and comments that would make for interesting posts about life here in the study, so I'll be going through those tonight and hopefully posting again. If I don't address yours or answer email right away, please don't think it's anything more than sheer VOLUME at the moment! Also putting together some new photo galleries. Stay tuned :)