Monday, July 7, 2008

Many Names

Click to see the front and back of the official study pamphlets, although, the paperwork I now have from the scheduler says:"Flight Analogs Project Screening, Human Adaptations & Countermeasures Division." What a mouthful! In the many physicals, interviews and briefings, I've heard doctors and scientists refer to the "Spaceflight Sim" and "Micro-Gravity Control" and "Weightlessness Effects Study." These all seem synonymous in their internal culture.

Colloquially, and on the internet, it is now being referred to as the "Bedrest Study" because some newscasts and blogs found the bedrest portion amusing. What it boils down to is finding ways to keep humans healthy in space for longer periods of time, so we can survive on a possible moon base, and hopefully make it to Mars. The only way to do that on earth is lie down until your muscles and bones mimic what happens in space. See the new links for photo galleries and articles to the right if you are curious about the details -- or feel free to ask questions. I had a million myself at the beginning!

Here is another colorful pamphlet, front and back, for the Johnson Space Center. It sure changed a lot over the years! Definitely worth the visit if you are ever in the neighborhood.

NASA Johnson Space Center