Sunday, July 20, 2008


Hockey-Chica Mrs. L replies cheerfully: "Okay, I have another question. What about showers? Do you not wash your hair for three months? (you can see these things keep me up at night...hahahaha)"

NASA Study ScheduleI would have definitely shaved my head if that were the case, LOL... and I almost did! We can shower whenever we please while we are in the ambulatory phase. Each room has a large bathroom with a shower and half-tub. Even on the busiest day, they will allot "Hygiene Time" on our daily schedule (Click picture to see detail). However, one person here prefers to shower at night and they are fine with it. Also, I've showered every time I have returned from cycling or weight-lifting, and if I take two per day, no one cares.

Once we go to bed rest, we simply shower lying down. We are transferred to a gurney at the same -6 degree tilt as our beds, and are wheeled into a wide, tiled room with a customized, adjustable shower fixture, lower to the ground. We can roll the gurney itself by using our arms, or manipulate the shower-heads in various directions. It's simple to stay clean, I'm only worried about getting water up my nose. I'm sure it takes some practice maneuvering. However, I don't have much hair left to wash! Not worried.

Next Question: So...what else is there to do in Galveston anyway? I know YOU can't go anywhere :)
Rub it in, LOL... I am dumb for never driving down here as a tourist! It's a lovely island, with a pyramidal aquarium that gets raves, a rainforest pyramid, science pyramid, spring-break atmosphere restaurants and bars, Schlitterbahn, bungee jumping, trolley cars, an IMAX theatre and various museums. My room overlooks a bit of Port Galveston, and this morning, a Carnival cruise ship pulled in! Oh this just sooo sucks. Click to see larger photo of the view out my window, the ship is on the right.