Monday, July 14, 2008

Hockey Chicas Rule

Can I just SAY, I have the bestest-buds ever. After sending the news to my hockey crew, I got some fun results:

Shannon in San Jose, CA says: Holy mackanoly! Arch this is amazing and just so cool! It takes someone with major mental strength to participate in something like this. You need to write a book when you are done. Unless of course you signed your life away with confidentiality agreements. Good Luck, I am so going to enjoy keeping up with your blog throughout your experience!
Thanks! I’ll post how they measure mental strength along the way… hopefully mine will stay intact. But I’ll bet around day 45 or so, pizza commercials will make me cry ;) I could write a book if I change names or get permission from anyone I interview or photograph. I asked before I started the blog. NASA delightfully encourages it.

Cara in Helsinki, Finland says: Amazing! Can you give us some backstory on how you got where you are?
I was seeking something “different,” and I sure found it! It started as a joke and got serious in stages. My backstory is on the right navbar in the "Screening Process" link :) Sorry for the length -- even I was surprised at what I went through once I wrote it all down.

Mike in San Francisco, CA says: I'm amazed and thrilled that you are doing something like this. You can bet your blog is going directly into my RSS reader. Good luck, and wow!

Susan in Boston, MA says: AWESOME, Arch!! That is wicked cool. I look forward to checking in on your blog. Enjoy the Tang!
Tang! I forgot to ask if we get Tang! Hahaha… so far I’ve gotten cranberry juice, milk or water. But they like to play with the menus daily, I wonder if Tang will be on there??

Marie in San Jose, CA says: How interesting and very cool!! Good luck and looking forward to your blog updates!

Clarice in Boise, ID says: you've always been just about the coolest person i know but damn this definitely takes you to the top of the list! Enjoy and keep us posted - i'm adding this to my set of homepages for sure!
It means everything to me that you’ve all been so positive and supportive, thank you! And I love that you’ll be “reading along” … I’ll try to be descriptive and interesting.

AmyG in Orland Park, IL says: Wow Arch! That's crazy... so you're going to be lying in bed for possibly up to 119 days!??!
It’s crazy, me cRaZeee… LOL, you’ve known me for 12 years and you’re just noticing? Actually I have 12 days of baseline testing, 90 days of “spaceflight sim” bedrest, then 13 days of bone/muscle rehabilitation, because just like the astronauts upon return home, I won’t be able to walk or even balance myself. But yes, it can go to 119 days, depending on rehab speed.

Ellon in Willow Glen, CA says: This is the coolest thing ever! one of my friends is an astronaut! sorta! heheh. can't wait to read the entries. i guess this explains why you stopped drinking coke. good luck!
Oh I wish.... but I'm happy to play “fake astronaut” to keep future ones more healthy. A trip to Mars could take two years, and we need to figure a way for them to walk about and collect rocks when they land. I wanted to be part of that tremendous effort. It may happen after I’m dead, certainly, but I know that our species reaching another planet will someday be a reality! And yep, this was behind my migraine-saturated withdrawal. I'm off caffeine for the first time since… well, for the first time.

Amy2 in Washington DC says: OMG, THAT'S SO WILD! I'm not even sure what to say... GOOD LUCK?!? haha! I must say, as a lawyer, I enjoyed reading your disclaimer. ;-)
Luck is what I’ll need for 115 days of no walking, no sitting up, no tea, no soda, no alcohol, no salt, no chocolate … and no sex. But hey, my attorney likes my attempt at legalese, good to know ;)

Rene in Santa Clara, CA says: I did a lot of reading on this and it sounds cool. I do admit Greg and I are worried about your bone mass at the end (since you are so tiny) so we will be bugging you to make sure you take steps to work on that once this is all over!
What are friends for? Turns out my bone density was very healthy, but I still welcome and appreciate encouragement at the end. I'll be fatigued after losing muscle mass and equilibrium. The psychologists say some folks are also prone to mid-way depression, so it’s all about keeping yourself engaged and busy.

GregL in Santa Clara, CA says: You're nuts :) I admire the discipline it takes, but no way I would want to do it! Will track your posts!
Yes, we've established that I'm nuts, always have been. The difference is, I finally found someone to PAY me just for being nuts! Ah, it's a proud, blissful moment in Looneyville ;)