Friday, July 11, 2008

Check-In Day

One more round of paperwork, one more blood draw to ensure I'm not drunk or pregnant (seriously), and one more bone density scan -- and now I am finally a resident of the University of Texas Medical Branch testing facility.

Wyle and Johnson Space Center (JSC) folks have walked me all around today since my arrival, helping me get situated in my room, introducing me to other participants, and briefing me on the culture and protocols here. So far everyone is very chipper & helpful!

I got my television, unpacked the books and DVDs I had mailed here, then spent the rest of my afternoon installing software on my new laptop. I had to wade through (and sign) a 20-page list of rules for use before I could even connect to the network, LOL... I think the government has my signature a couple hundred times over at this point!

And so the ride begins...