Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Dude Down The Hall

Here is one of my fellow "flight analog" subjects at UTMB, a fascinating gent named Kevin from Ohio, who is taking part in a lunar study described below by JSC.

They left out the minor tidbit about that gear on his feet being worth about, oh... $50,000!

My first impression of Kevin after speaking with him the first couple times was "outdoorsy" -- I figured he was a hang-gliding instructor or field guide. He's got a real Indiana Jones vibe ;) So it was no surprise he said that after he gets out of the testing facility, he plans to travel with some friends ... he is definitely adventurous, having been all around China, India, Europe & the Caribbean!

Kevin, a graduate of UC, is also founder of the eco-friendly Racecooler Co. in Cincinnati where they "re-invent the wheel." I started reading some of the articles on his website, and my favorite is the one from UberReview, because like the critic there, I know zip about racing but I know a cool unique product when I see one. I so have to get one of these for J's birthday!