Tuesday, July 5, 2011

STS-135 Countdown


As referenced in my previous Countdown 101 post, and also my post about T-minus descriptions, the procedures that make up a shuttle launch for many days previous to liftoff are intense!

The first time I read the entire published process and took a look at some genuine checklists, I was amazed anything ever takes off at all.

Space Shuttle Atlantis Countdown
But for the 135th time, all the T-minus magic begins anew! At 1:00 pm Eastern Time today, you can begin following along the STS-135 Shuttle Countdown and Milestones.

Of course, many Tweetup participants, NASA public affairs and other employees will be madly tweeting every update as the countdown draws nearer, so if you choose some space folks to follow, you'll get the scoop from moment to moment!