Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Southern Migration


Finally made it to Florida. And such adventures: news interviews, Spacetweeps all a-flutter each making their travel plans and accommodations, Tweetup scheduling emails coming fast and furious... what a week!

Since my last Road Trip Post, we covered five more states, and reached Lucky Number 7! Sometimes we rushed to beat the sunset, sometimes we moseyed to enjoy the landscape... but above all we tried to tweet as often as we could.

STS-135 Road Trip Map
Highlights included the Carlsbad Caverns of New Mexico, the 175th Anniversary celebration at The Alamo shrine in San Antonio, Texas... and last but certainly not least, Independence Day revelry with live music for July 4th in New Orleans!

Made it to Mississippi last night, and just barely got a flash photo of the sign before the sun went down. Yesterday morning, left the Interstate to enjoy a scenic drive along the Gulf Coast, then caught I-10 again down into Florida.

Mississippi State Line
Sunshine and gators and oranges, galore! Also, kudzu. Wow, I had forgotten all about the creeping vines since I last lived here in the early part of the century. Otherwise, Florida has not changed much. Lush, tropical, massive rainstorms out of nowhere that flash and then disappear! Happened twice. Well, at least the car is clean again now.

We have stopped now in Orlando for an evening, and then will head to SpaceX tomorrow for a tour of the Florida facilities! After that, it's off to Kennedy Space Center for two days of launch preparations, and hopefully a liftoff! Keep your fingers crossed for good weather and stay tuned.

Florida State Line
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