Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shuttle Rendezvous Pie


Space coast still in full party mode! Jimmy Buffet made a surprise appearance at the VAB, all the Tweetup houses are celebrating, all the restaurants and local hot spots are celebrating... and hey, Epic Endless BBQ + Pool shindig last night! Photo galleries still to come when I have more time and bandwidth...

Today, Atlantis is on Flight Day #3, and at 11:07 ET, an American Space Shuttle will rendezvous with the International Space Station for the very last time.

Days to Shuttle Landing Sign
Mission Might Later Be Extended By One Day

Mission Control helped the crew through their sensor and computer checks in anticipation of docking at the Harmony node, and you can watch the open-hatch ceremony on NASA Television!

Have you ever wondered what a recipe would look like if we cooked the same we ran crew procedures for a space shuttle rendezvous? This really kept me awake at night. Wonder no longer...

Pumpkin Pie Checklist
Shuttle Rendezvous Pie

JSC Houston MCC Shuttle Flight Controller Sarah @Saroy designed this "translation into NASA-ese" where she crossed pumpkin pie with the Rendezvous Flight Data File (FDF). Yes, apparently this is what controllers do when they have too much time on their hands...

Check out her original post for this awesome design on her blog, or view the full recipe PDF in all its humorous nerdplay! Awesome, and thanks for permission to republish and link to you, Sarah. Best wishes and good luck with all your shifts on this final, historic mission!