Monday, July 11, 2011

Bear McCreary Shuttle Atlantis Fanfare


Composer Bear McCreary, largely known for composing the television themes for Battlestar Galactic and Eureka, wrote the Atlantis Fanfare to honor the final Space Shuttle mission! So it seems our STS-135 launch had her very own theme song!

On Day #2 of the NASA Tweetup this past week, Seth Green introduced the song to the growing-more-emotional-by-the-minute crowd:

Shuttle Fanfare Intro by Seth Green

This second one cracked me up. It's rather poor quality, because I wasn't so much interested in filming anything in particular as just leaving the camera on for audio purposes. I wanted to get the whole song.

I figured I would just film the people around me (some of you will see yourselves!), film the video screens showing the astronauts being loaded onto Atlantis (that was happening real-time), and so on. So, as always, sorry for the shakes, but it's worth it to hear the composition!

Shuttle Fanfare Song by Bear McCreary

Right before this, I'd had my picture taken with Seth Green and spoken with him briefly. Apparently, he had the same idea. He was a few feet away, filming the crowd and the NASA TV feed. We were both moving in 360 degree circles.

Around the At around the 1:50 mark, I was filming him while he was filming me filming him, whereby he grinned and waved. Too funny!

I still think of him as the kid in "Radio Days" and the stoner teen from that funky episode of X-Files where he leads Fox Mulder through a fence onto a secret base, LOL... probably not what he hopes for when one envisions his canon of work. But, he appears to be a dedicated space enthusiast who is wants to bring attention to NASA events, so for that, I decided I automatically like him.

A fun and unique event for the Spacetweeps lucky enough to be in the twent that day! Seth also mentioned he will blog about this over on Fragile Oasis!