Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Win Free Firefly T-Shirt!


Browncoats! Know what the Alliance hates? Dedicated freedom fighters, creativity and probably most of all -- free stuff. This past September 20, 2012 was the 10-year anniversary of the premiere of Firefly. And even a decade later, I still live to wave the Serenity Valley flag.

Firefly Browncoats

If you belong to the largest social media site in the world, you're surely seen the great GEEKCHIC TEES Firefly products on Captain Mal's Wisdom or Facebook Firefly.

Now, Mr. GeekChic Tees himself offers a gift to one lucky Browncoat!  The contest will run for one week, today through next Wednesday (May 1st - 7th).

At the end, we let the cat pick a name at random (for real), and the winner, upon sending clothing size and address confidentially, gets to pick their favorite product from the GeekChic Tees catalogue!

Firefly T-shirts

"I Wish This Was Nathan Fillion" ... that one slays me. I'd wear it because I love it, but I don't hate any of my friends enough to wear it right next to them.  I think a great viral-photography project would be to wear these next to unsuspecting strangers. Or, perhaps go to Disneyland and just wear it next to Mickey Mouse.

The ultimate? Wearing it right next to Nathan Fillion himself. That may even open a black hole of irony in the multiverse. Let's try it.

Geek Chic Tees

To enter the contest for the free T-shirt, simply tweet one of the following, so Mr. GeekChic and I can see it in our feeds:

Browncoats! Win FREE Firefly TShirt from @geekchic_tees at @Pillownaut blog SHINY #YouCantTakeTheSkyFromMe #FIREFLY

#Firefly Win a Free FIREFLY shirt from @geekchic_tees at @Pillownaut blog. Browncoats Unite! #Shiny #Serenity

Win FREE Firefly TShirt at @Pillownaut blog @geekchic_tees Spread the word, Browncoats! #CantStopTheSignal #FIREFLY

#FIREFLY Win a Free Firefly shirt from @geekchic_tees! Browncoats Unite! #Shiny #BigDamnHeroes cc @pillownaut

Or, make up one of your own tweets, but be sure to include, AT MINIMUM: the link to the contest, both Twitter handles, the hashtag #FIREFLY and any other Browncoat saying or quote... but please, not too much gorram cussing in Chinese!

If you are not on Twitter, share this page to Facebook, Tumblr, Pinterest, and/or Google+ and then email Pillownaut to say you have done so: h r a 2 3 6 2 - at - yahoo dot com.

Enter as many times as you like, on as many platforms as you like. Every share and tweet counts as an entry!  It also counts as an entry if you follow either of us on Twitter for shiny space and Firefly clothing updates in the future.