Saturday, May 18, 2013



I'm traveling again, and it feels great to be on the open road! Today I'll be exploring Wifi at the many Starbucks Cafes along California's Interstate-5 and Interstate-40. Tomorrow, I'll continue into Arizona. First major destination, Flagstaff!

This week, follow @pillownaut and @bauer1701 with hashtag #RoadTwip on Twitter for our Star Trekkie away-team adventures to the Meteor Crater, Apollo Moon Tree, Historic Route 66, Grand Canyon, Lowell Observatory -- and maybe even the cinema eto see the "Star Trek: Into Darkness" film? Should be an epic week, and that's only our first leg in northern Arizona!

Roadtrip Map

After a short tea break in Phoenix, we will head to Tucson to SpaceFest V, with Moonwalker goodness. I have lunches scheduled with the Mercury 7's Scott Carpenter AND Gemini/Apollo astronaut Dick Gordon. I honestly cannot even believe that is real until it is actively happening. Rumor has it, a Meteorite Man and a certain Bad Astronomer will also be within EVA distance!

The line-up for this year's SPACEFEST conference is incredible, and I'll have the extraordinary pleasure of sharing the driving trip with folks from all over the United States, Canada, England, Germany and Australia.  Those are just the ones I know of, from social media. I can't wait to meet new space enthusiasts, and see how many other states and nations are represented. It's amazing how NASA astronauts and world-renowned scientists inspire people to spend days in airplanes and cars, just for a quick chance of hearing them speak or meeting them in person!

Spacefest 5 

After the conference is over, I and the last dregs of the Brit Army will head to Los Angeles to see Space Shuttle Endeavour, NASA JPL, Griffiths Observatory and any other spacey goodness we can find.  I may have to take my visitors to the Anaheim Fry's Electronics to see the Space Shuttle flight deck.

I probably should have asked them if they wanted to do something that "normal" tourists do, like Disneyland, or something... Space Mountain? Anyone? ;) Who knows what will happen... hope everyone will share this with us through Facebook and Twitter!