Wednesday, May 8, 2013

GeekChicTees Prize Winner


Wow, this is like being Jayne in the town of Canton on Higgins' Moon! Talk about a mob scene!  It is with great pleasure that I report, unsurprisingly, that the collaborative T-shirt Giveaway between Pillownaut Blog and GeekChicTees was a rousing success... in no small part to Captain Mal's Wisdom, which has become just about the funnest place on Facebook for Firefly fans!


TWEETSTORM! Over a thousand entries poured in through Twitter!  Then a few hundred more through Facebook, Google+, PInterest, Tumblr -- and many asked if they could join for emailing their friends, and/or posting on their blog or LiveJournal. News traveled to thousands.  The most any one person entered was 30! (Seems there are some folks out there who have multiple Twitter accounts.)

Browncoats sure are a creative bunch. In my last few prize giveaways for shirts and calendars, I had about 100 entries per. This Firefly-themed contest really broke the 'verse barrier, with a fair percentage entering multiple times on multiple days.

So, the cat. He likes to roll around in paper. It helps if you sprinkle a little catnip around it. Funny little quirk, he will play in it, then pick something to chew. So, I just watched him until he chomped on a piece and carried it off toward the scratching post. And there's our winner! With toothmak

Lindsey of Kalamazzo, Michigan is the lucky one! Twitter handle @Linzey101182, please contact me to claim your prize!  You have 24 hours to respond, and thank you for your 7 entries!  Please send Direct Message back to me on Twitter, or email me (hra2362 at yahoo dot com), and let me know your address and shirt size.  If no response by Friday at 8am, we will randomly choose another name.

And if you didn't win, well, we're sorry we can't give a freebie to everyone!  But this went so well, I am sure we will have another giveaway ... perhaps for Christmas?  In the meantime, all the shirts are available on GeekChic. This has been a wonderful way to find new Browncoat friends all across social media, and get the #Firefly hashtag front and center for all to see.