Monday, May 13, 2013

Tang Pie


Remember that sugary, orangey-but-not-really-orange drink from our childhoods?!

Contrary to urban legend, TANG was not developed by NASA, or created specifically for space missions. In fact, Tang was flown on just a few early trips -- the first orbit of the Earth by John Glenn in 1962, and select Mercury and Gemini trips -- but that was enough to capture public attention, particularly after it was marketed as the "astronaut's drink"!

The powdered treat was developed General Foods Corporation in 1957 and marketed as an "instant breakfast" food by 1959. Tang, now owned by Mondel─ôz International (and licensed by Kraft for sugar-free varieties) is still for sale today in different flavors.

Orange Tang
Tang packaging in 1979 and in 2009

Today, TANG is also in the Space Food Hall of Fame! In other news... there is actually a Space Food Hall of Fame.

A few years ago, I found and tweeted this amusing recipe from an old, old, old glass bottle: the pie of the future!  It made quite the splash on Twitter, but until I actually spotted a canister of it.  My foodie pal from the Pages, Pucks & Pantry blog bought half the ingredients, I bought the other half, and one evening we teamed up to make the recipe!

Okay, really we were eating pasta and watching a NHL playoff hockey game... but we eventually did make the pie. It only takes about 10 minutes to mix and pour, and if you put it in the freezer, it sets pretty quickly.  4 hours? We don't need no 4 hours!

Very tasty.  I mixed a glass of Tang, and just about spit it right back out upon tasting it.  I'm not 7 years old anymore, and the tart sugar water really loses something after puberty.  Or, maybe it's after one starts imbibing socially!  Either way, I'm no longer on board with the liquid version.

Tang Pie
Special thanks to Rene for foodie photo
and groovy 1960s backdrop

However, the pie was awesome!  Very sweet and moussy, and the cream ingredients cut the tartness of the orange sugar.  If I ever make another one, I would make one recipe change: I would cut the sour cream to 1/4 cup (it was too tastable), and replace with ditto amount of whipped cream, or light cream cheese.

So, if you're under 9, enjoy TANG!  If you're under 99, enjoy Tang Pie!  Just don't ever read the ingredients...