Thursday, October 13, 2011



If you are a nerd and you are missing the web-comic XKCD, well... OMG you are a nerd and you are missing XKCD!

Mostly funny, often educational, sometimes entirely too disturbing in its accuracy.

XKCD Comic
Created and updated by Randall Munroe, this stick-figure high-IQ South Park at has spawned collective geek projects, geek commercial products and even a book over the years... though I'm no sure how well that sells, given that the archives are entirely free and the author encourages people to use his comics on their websites and blogs.

It's rare that you find any kind of hacker-head who doesn't regularly check XKCD, and who isn't a big fan of the commentary on life philosophies and human relationships as compared to the conventions of mathematics, computer science, physics, space exploration and nerd culture.

Webcomic XKCD
I am, unsurprisingly, partial to the space-related toons, which I have collected over time until I felt a fair list was in order for my Space Humor category: Moon Landing YouTube Janeane Space Station Mystery Moon Landing Hopelessness Star Wars Labeling the Vacuum Void ... Awesome! Firefly Spirit Rover Gravity Wells Space Station Dating Game The Fermi Paradox

TIP: Hover the cursor over each cartoon to see humorous "subtext". ;)