Friday, October 7, 2011

Trick or Treat


Calling all Samhain enthusiasts. Yes, its that's time again. Summer's end! Carve out your favorite inedible species of squash and set the young'uns loose to beg high fructose corn syrup off the neighbors.

But FIRST! Order now to dress accordingly:

Star Trek Costumes
What, no Gorn suit?

Last year, after a big Google fest in the name of costuming, I noticed more space suits everywhere...though mostly for little boys. It's not my imagination – the surge continues, and has now spread further into apparel for girls, babies, adults, even cats and dogs!

I've had a basic Trek dress for many years, though memory fails me as to where it was purchased. I only found 2 or 3 outlets and a few independent tailors in the Star Trek network who would create custom-fitted adult costumes. Oddly, at a time when there are no Trek shows on television at all, and no new movie slated until 2013, sci-fi costumes are more widely available than ever before.

Pretty sure this counts as a cult now

Star Wars fans have always been huge costume enthusiasts; the spectrum of costumes available across all six films (and now cartoons) has become quite incredible. This year, an entire business devoted to Lucas creations has been established at!

From Jedi to Sith, from slave Leia to Amidala royal robes, from genuine stormtrooper armor to the tune of a thousand dollar investment, right down to Baby Ewoks for thirty bucks.

Jawas, Jabba the Hutt, the Fett family... and... a six foot Yoda?? Well, we don't love All Hallows Eve for its sense of accuracy. I'm partial to the inflatable taun-taun myself.

Now, where's the corresponding Firefly site??