Friday, October 21, 2011

Pennan Brae Apollo 17


Bold, beautiful, and stellar! Moody, romantic... and delightfully lunar. It's the new song "Lonely Heart" from Pennan Brae's 3rd Album Early Rise.

For those of you out of the musical loop, Pennan Brae is a singer-songwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia, whose music has enjoyed radio play across Canada, Australia and the US.

His newest video includes awesome Saturn V footage, genuine Apollo capsule close-ups, old films of Mission Control, and the singer himself in a classic snoopy hat and 70s space suit, cavorting on the moon with a chained Space-Race Princess... wait, what?

Well, according to his YouTube Channel, the Apollo 17 music video for "Lonely Heartbeat" is:

Set during man's last visit to the moon on December 11th, 1972 with Apollo 17, where Pennan pilots the Saturn V Rocket to rescue Agent Stardust from the hairy grasp of Comrade Kalashnikov. It's a Cold War Lunar Battle -- USSR vs. USA; hammer & sickle versus the stars & stripes. Directed by Tim Cash of Far From Earth Films & shot in Oregon, the piece features Nicole Mintiens & Chris Buffalo Folsom.

Pennan Brae
Definitely unique, and reminiscent of the 1980s classic era of music video, which is what I liked best about it. That and the beautifully enchanting lyrics:

As days shorten to night
We squeeze hold each other tight

Autumn breeze picks up speed

Firefly does its dance

To this thing we call romance

Waves to shore slowly lap

In our black and white photograph

As night gives way to dawn

This path we’ll continue on

Our vibe certified priceless

Ringing true from East to West

Nice. :)