Monday, March 21, 2011

Space Times News


A few weeks back, a delightful chap named John Wilpers of the Scripps Newspapers company contacted me about having some of my writing featured on a new website by and for space enthusiasts. As their Global Blog Coordinator, seems he was tasked with reading space blogs, all space blogs and nothing but space blogs, to find content. Nice work if you can get it!

John and Scripps just took the Space Times News website live, along with many other folks they fondly call "partners" -- and I know we all feel very lucky to be part of this great new launch pad of space data!

Space Times News
The Space Times News

I was assured my blog was chosen for its"intriguing topics", the overall "conversational, humorous tone", and they appreciated how I "never presume that readers know stuff, so even beginners can enjoy the blog, but so can real space fans"! ...Flattery will get you everywhere.

I have such fun with my writing, and I am drawn to others who share the same passion. The researchers and writers for STN didn't just choose materials at random, either. They sent me a list of what amounted to editorial reviews of my past posts, proving they had truly done their homework. They were not merely scanning, they were studying -- in order to build a truly comprehensive site about all things space!

Space Times News
STN front page, featuring my post about the Trek Con!

Other daily and weekly features include an eye on launch weather, amazing photo galleries, news of the ISS & Space shuttles, top stories across the entire space industry, popularly emailed stories, voting polls and mission news. It's a great place to check in each day and see the headlines and major happenings.

So check out the Space Times News and register for an account to make comments!