Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Iron Chef ISS


Just some light photographic fun today, because there are enough of these types of pictures to make a whole new blog. It's no secret that most space nerds can never get enough pictures of humans doing all manner of things in micro-gravity.

Astronaut Clayton Anderson
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The split second the Skylab crew actually had room to do somersaults, they hurled themselves through the air and did them, presumably just because they could. Next came the M&M Olympics...

...And now look... we have cooking shows in low earth orbit. Humans have eaten in space, worked in space, slept in space, played musical instruments in space, conducted experiments and scientific research in space, exercised in space and prepared everything from Tang to shrimp cocktails to sushi! Yes, sushi.

NASA Astronaut Clay Anderson
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We owe a lot to gravity. But the lack of it sure looks like a lot of fun.

NASA Astronaut Clayton Astronaut put his camera to good use, both inside and outside the cupola of the ISS during his recent expedition. Follow him at @Astro_Clay or click here for his entire collection of awesome twitpics!