Sunday, March 6, 2011

Map of Luxury


Time for another Pillownaut Space map! And this is a fun one. In my last Google Map project, I listed all the addresses and web sites of national space agencies. This time, I thought I might do something a bit more... ROAD TRIP friendly!

No matter what road you're on... or on what continent.

View Pillownaut Map: Space Museums in a larger map

Many moons ago, I started with American space museums and then I also noted the many NASA space crafts on display. From there, I expanded into space museums around the world, though that turned out to be harder than I anticipated.

Finding art museums? Easy. Arguably, the entire nation of Italy is a giant art museum. War museums? Cultural museums? They’re everywhere. You could backpack through Europe blind-folded, and trip over them daily. However, finding science museums with space-related exhibits in Europe... wow, that takes some hunting. And it shouldn't. We should all know right where they are, and make sure the young people in our culture experience them regularly.

We are so lucky to have all these amazing collections of human ingenuity and innovation, even if some aren't as publicized as they should be.

Case in point: this post would have been out a few hours earlier, but just preparing it and looking for pictures to accompany the text caused me to trip over another museum I hadn't seen before. Had to go add it!

Space Museums of the world
As for the listed websites, both on the blog and on the Pillownaut Space Museums Map page... in some cases, I linked to main site if the museum revolves around space. In other cases of general science-oriented museums, I linked to the collections that revolve around space artifacts.

SO ALSO PLEASE NOTE: The post below this one with all the names and locations is not a comprehensive list of all the general science or flight museums on Earth... these are only the subset of museums known to have SPACE artifacts from various space agencies. I included those that are connected to planetariums - and that seeded the idea to perhaps do all planetariums next, and all world observatories!

Did I miss one near you? Tell me so!