Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Astro Websites


Okay, back to Astronaut trivia! While researching my new Space Map series, I read the profiles of all 522 space travelers from 51 nations, and linked to their profiles at their various programs or space agencies.

Along the way, I noticed that some astronauts, in addition to government biographies, had their own web sites. However, it was not as many as I would have thought! I found 44 total, but would love to hear from anyone who may know others.

A few other space sites have older lists, but most are incomplete or out-of-date in terms of those sites that no longer exist. So here is the most updated listing I could compile:

Buzz Aldrin

William Anders

Jerome Apt

Alan Bean

Roberta Bondar

Fernando Caldiero

Duane Carey
*Award for Awesomest Domain Name

Scott Carpenter

Gene Cernan

Franklin Chang-Diaz

Leroy Chiao

Pete Conrad

Walter Cunningham

Charles Duke

Ron Garan

John Glenn

Richard Gordon

Umberto Guidoni

Miroslaw Hermazewski

John Herrington

Jose Hernandez

Thomas Jones

James Lovell
*Okay, this one is a restaurant, a little off-theme...

Ed Lu

Yuri Malenchenko

Franco Malerba

Edgar Mitchell

Mike Mullane

Story Musgrave

William Nelson

William Oefelein

Greg Olsen

Scott Parazynski

William Pogue

Dumitru Dorin Prunariu

Vladimír Remek

Sally Ride

Wally Schirra

Rusty Schweickart

Rick Searfoss

Deke Slayton

Thomas Stafford

Franz Viehböck

Edward White

Al Worden

John Young