Monday, November 28, 2011

Meteorite Men


Take everything you learned from yesterday's trivia flap, and get ready to have your world ROCKED (literally) by the new season of Meteorite Men! Sounds like a band of science super heroes, doesn't it?

Those who might read regularly know that I have a borderline-loathing for most television. It takes an awful lot to get my attention onto something other than NASA TV. Many of you feel the same way I do, so I thought I'd provide this handy list of reasons to watch Meteorite Men:

Pros: No hoarders, no toddlers, no tiaras, no dancing, no Kardashians.

I have not gone on a road trip with these chaps, and I resent it deeply.

Meteorite Men
Geoff & Steve at the Secret Alpha Site in Kansas

Seriously? I've thrice driven through Kansas, and joked to a friend that the state colors were "Red, White & Boring" -- but if I had known there were olivine meteorites to be had, I may have stayed longer. It's truly amazing what you can find when you know how and where to look. Turns out Kansas is America's "Cosmic Bullseye", with more meteorites per square mile than any other state!

This is just one of the many things I have learned watching their adventures; all the James Bondy toys (watch for their industrious amphibious vehicle, the Rockhound) must just tickle the gadget geek contingent, but being more of an academic, I like the part where they meet up with experts from esteemed universities to verify the possible history and authenticity of their extra-terrestrial treasures.

Season three of the popular Science Channel series premieres tonight (11/28/11) at 10pm ET, but of course check your local listings for specifics. Now that there are thousands of channels to choose from, I learned the hard way that satellite company details can often be harder to find than meteorites themselves.

No matter the weather conditions, with or without paved roads, through swamps and deserts, intrepid explorers and world-prominent meteorite hunters Geoff Notkin & Steve Arnold pursue some of the rarest ancient objects on Earth, compliments of the cosmos.

Tonight's first episode will see them visiting to secure a sample from the Morasko Crater Field of Poland, and also pay a visit to the amazing SOFIA, the Boeing jet serving as NASA's Stratospheric Observatory for Airborne Astronomy.

The season will feature eight episodes total, taking the Meteorite Men through a few US states, across remote areas of Russia, up through northern Sweden to the Arctic Circle and into Whitecourt Crater in Canada. Brave, they are! Heck, I've only been as far north as Edmonton...and that was more than snowy enough.

If you're an off-the-grid dweeb like me who lacks cable television, you can watch their YouTube channel clips or also go onto Amazon MM, where episodes are $1.99 apiece. Worth every rock.