Thursday, June 30, 2011

Sea to Shining Sea


On the road again! Well, I've already been on the road for many days now, gathering supplies, dropping off, picking up and saying goodbye to friends and family I may not see again for some time.

Space Food Sticks
Like all good road trips,
the difference is in the travel snacks ;)

However, today is the day I meet up with my other road-mates and the official summer trek across the country begins at dawn tomorrow:
California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas (stay tuned for some possible TV appearances there with my old pals from the NASA studies in Houston!), Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and down into Florida to see Atlantis STS-135 launch from Cape Canaveral!

And once I'm there? I'm there. I'm staying. I don't care if that Shuttle launch gets scrubbed and then scrubbed again -- for months! I'm not missing this.

Until Atlantis takes off, I am officially a Floridian again.