Thursday, June 23, 2011

NASA Tweeping


So I follow twelve NASA Twitter feeds, and lived under the delusion that I was following a great many! I checked the NASA Connect page from time to time for new things, but it had been awhile... and what an explosion over the past year! However, theirs is slightly out-of-date, so here is the full list now. Truly, they need someone like me to curate this for them -- alas, no one has made me QUEEN yet.

I was one of those folks who didn't quite understand Twitter when I signed up to Tweet, but over time have seen the fascination with micro-blogging in the 140-character culture. So! If you're interested in keeping up with various NASA facilities and individual missions, here is the full spate of NASA Twitter feeds... along with the current snapshot of followers:

News From NASA - 1,173,085
Now up over a million!

Updates on astronaut activities - 108,071

NASA Deputy Administrator - 10,277

Ames Research Center (Mountain View, CA) - 22,580

Dryden Flight Research Center (Edwards, CA) - 14,213

Glenn Research Center (Cleveland, OH) - 4,447

Goddard Space Flight Center (Greenbelt, MD) - 28,184

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Pasadena, CA) - 175,740

Johnson Space Center (Houston, TX) - 32,271

Kennedy Space Center (Cape Canaveral, FL) - 204,144

Langley Research Center (Hampton, VA) - 17,778

Marshall Space Flight Center (Huntsville, AL) - 13,770

Stennis Space Center (Michoud, MS) - 8,135

Wallops Flight Facility (Wallops Island, VA) - 12,653

NASA HQ (Washington, DC) - 3,106

JPL's Near Earth Objects (Pasadena, CA) - 767,871

Saturn Solar System Studies (JPL) - 124,644

Chandra Observatory (MSFC) - 11,014

Curiosity Rover (JPL / KSC) - 35,820

Desert Analog Projects - 11,869

Earth Observatory (Greenbelt, MD) - 11,988

Eyes On The Earth (JPL) - 24,666

NASA Educational Short Films - 364
... Ha, get it? ECLIPS? ;) Nice.

NASA Environmental Management - 72

Glory Mission Energy Balance - 3,415

Goddard Earth Sciences Data (GSFC) - 639

Hubble Space Telescope (HST) - 24,765

Hurricane / Cyclone Watch (Greenbelt, MD) - 126,508

ICESat: Ice, Cloud, & Land Elevation Satellite - 8,833

International Space Station (ISS) - 8,061

J2X Rocket Engine (MSFC) - 128

NASA Webb Telescope (Greenbelt, MD) - 12,010

Jupiter Mission (JPL) - 1,762

Kepler Mission (Ames) - 136,631

Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (Greenbelt, MD) - 98,646

Spirit and Opportunity (JPL) - 139,193

Airborne Science Program - 1,004

NASA Astrobiology Institute (ARC) - 962,331

NASA Center for AeroSpace Information - 3,082

Central Operations of Resources for Educators - 3,628

History of NASA (Washington DC) - 17,493

Global Weather Patterns (JPL) - 2,415

NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory (Greenbelt, MD) - 7,103

NASA Stratospheric Observatory For Infrared Astronomy - 4,709

NASA-Derived Technologies on Earth - 9,134

Voyager I and II Spacecrafts - 889

Interestingly, the only NASA mission feeds with more followers than the administrative accounts of the centers are the Astrobiology Institute and Asteroid Watch! It would seem the two larger human interests are... finding non-humans and keeping up with what might be smashing into Earth at any given time.

Conspicuously missing? Any official Space Shuttle feeds, strangely. NASA KSC twitters a great deal about shuttles, of course, and there are non-NASA feeds dedicated to each Orbiter.

So if you'd like to follow the final Shuttle launch, another good feed is @SSAtlantis for the Space Shuttle Atlantis. However, you're better off following my Twitter feed. I'll be in Florida... watching! Fancy that! :)