Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cast Your Space Vote


It's that time of year! The Oughties are almost over, and we soon head into the second decade of the 21st century... Top Ten lists and annual polls are everywhere, deciding the bests and worsts and winners and losers of the year 2010.

Discovery Science
The Reader's Choice vote at the Discovery Channel online outlet, asks: What was your favorite Discovery News Space article of 2010? They used the Twitter interface for the first time this year, which I imagine will become more frequent. At the moment, "Earth-Like Planet Discovery Buoys Search for Life" has edged ahead of SpaceX and Extra-solar planet-hunting, but don't count out anti-matter just yet. Go vote!

Over at the Cosmo Blog, Clark's Universe encourages us to Vote for the Most Inspiring Astronomical Photo of the Year, a difficult choice between "ten stunning photographs of the cosmos that did not exist 12 months ago".

Mystic Mountains
Another fun poll is at the Smithsonian’s National Postal Museum, posing the question: Which of these 7 stamps do you think best represents America? The winning stamp that wins the poll will be the one that symbolizes the United States in the upcoming International Stamp Gallery.

Number #7 on the list is the 1989 Moon Landing Stamp, commemorating the 20th anniversary of Apollo 11, and this clear public favorite is currently enjoying a wide margin of victory. I voted last week when the cont was at about 2,000. This week, I notice it has jumped 600 ticks, and the moon landing, as representative of American culture, has an even more commanding lead.

Space Stamp Vote
Don't forget: there will be two space stamps released in 2011! In Spring, the Postal Service will commemorate both the 50th anniversary of Alan Shepard’s Freedom 7 flight in Project Mercury and the current mission to planet Mercury (launched in 2004 and scheduled to orbit Mercury soon).

If you're tired of space stuff by now, and see your glass as a little less than half-full, you can always head over to MSNBC and vote in their poll for the Top FAIL of 2010, where to the collective shock of decent people everywhere, no one cares about drunken adolescent celebrities, and the BP Oil Spill is leading the pack. Ah, just when you thought humanity wasn't worth saving...