Monday, September 13, 2010

Space Updates!


NASA Goddard hosted TOP CHEF: GASTRO-NAUTS and if you missed the initial airing, you can watch the full episode over at the BRAVO TV website. Their teaser clip showed a recording of TJ Creamer and Tracy Caldwell Dyson on the International Space Station, displaying some onboard nutritional choices.

Top Chef Gastro-nauts
The surprises inside the episode were the three astronauts on the judging panel: Buzz Aldrin, Sandra Magnus and Leland Melvin! If you were ever curious about the guidelines for dining in micro-gravity, this is your show. A few chefs showed us how it's done… and a couple showed us what not to do. I had not seen any cooking shows since the early days of "Iron Chef" (talk about out of the loop!) but I found this program very enjoyable... even if some didn't really understand the guidelines, LOL...

Next update! In the grand worldwide search for the GOODWILL MOON ROCKS, new finds in Korea, West Virginia and North Carolina have filled in some blanks for missing lunar samples presented to all 50 states and over 100 nations by the Nixon administration in 1973.

Goodwill Moon Rock, Nevada
Update #3!

Since the interesting announcement about how the Senate Put Off SPACE SHUTTLE RETIREMENT, and the exciting news in August that STS-135 had been added to the line-up of missions, the Space Centers have been all a-flurry with activity.

Originally, the new "retirement homes" of Atlantis and Endeavour were to be revealed in July, but this odd year of flux caused NASA to delay the announcement. No new date yet for the big reveals, but fully 21 bids from eight states have been launched in an increasingly competitive race that includes dedicated websites, Facebook fan pages, countless petitions with literally hundreds of thousands of names and incidences of congressional backing.

Space Shuttle
The Museum of Flight in Seattle even broke ground for the construction of a $12 million, 15,500-square-foot "Human Space Flight Gallery" designed to showcase a shuttle, if awarded. Think maybe they jumped the gun just slightly?!

If they lose their appeal for a genuine Shuttle orbiter, they and many other runners-up may be awarded one of the full-scale shuttle simulators currently used for astronaut training at Johnson Space Center.