Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Postcard from the REAL Edge


There are postcards from the edge, and then there are postcards from THE EDGE. The new book from The Cosmic Diary encompasses the latter. Alert reader Oana Sandu of München, Germany sent this delightful gem from the European Southern Observatory (ESO) where she works in Community Outreach.

And believe me, this beautiful Fräulein knows her stuff! She is also Public Relations lead for the Space Generation Advisory Council, co-founder of the Children Universe Awareness organization, and an editor of VEGA Astronomy Magazine in Romania. (And I was under the impression that I was a busy lady).

Postcards From The Edge Of The Universe
From their website : "This book is based on the science carried out by a selection of the best bloggers from the Cosmic Diary, one of the 12 Cornerstone Projects of the International Year of Astronomy 2009. The contributions have been compiled into an edited anthology that gives a unique snapshot of contemporary astronomy. The science articles all have a personal flavour, as each contributor has selected their own favourite astronomical topic, giving the reader a personal insight into work on the frontline of astronomy."

Cosmic Diary consist of 8 bloggers from NASA, 4 from JAXA, 5 from the ESA and 14 from the ESO; a heaping handful of them got together to bring us an amazing visual extravaganza of all that we are learning from modern astronomical work from observatories all over the world, and in space.

Postcards From The Edge of the Universe by ESO Cosmic Diary
The Flame nebula, miraculously clear galaxyscapes, interstellar clouds where stars and new planets are born, dust-devil tracks on planet Mars -- it's truly 120 pages of starry awesomeness. The hard copy version is on sale in the ESO shop, or you can download a PDF version from the "About the Book" page.

Also check out their "Send A Postcard" section, where you can email your friends some of their beautiful photography with a formattable message.

You will, at the very least, find a stunning new desktop background ;)