Thursday, April 8, 2010

Buzz Gonged


So I hear Buzz Aldrin was eliminated from "Dancing With The Stars" yester eve, only the second contestant to be dismissed from the inexplicably popular dance-off.

I suppose this is an odd thing for me to continue "reporting", given that I have no channels piped into my house and rarely watch television -- but I did seek out Aldrin's performances on YouTube and let me just say: I couldn't dance half that well at 18, I dance even less well today at 40, and no one ought to be holding their breath for improvement.

Buzz Aldrun on Dancing With the Stars
So, I didn't think any of that was too shabby for an 80-year-old man, and I really admire him for going on a television show with such potential for public fiasco. It was hilarious to hear him say he never thought he'd walk on the moon, but he also never thought he would dance on TV! Amen to that. I'd definitely choose the lunar surface between those two options!

I also hear he encouraged people to support the space program in his send-off, and claimed he did it for the fight pilot 'elder geezers' such as he (who are seriously under-represented on television, certainly.)

Buzz Aldrin Twitter
Within moments of seeing this on an internet ticker, I went googling for the voting details, and had to laugh as I took a screenshot of the live Twitter results.

LOL, I don't disagree with the sentiment itself, but some people need to look up the definition of 'communist.'