Friday, April 9, 2010

Bake Sale For NASA


Wish I could get to Florida! For so many reasons. There is so much going on this spring... the 40th Anniversary of Apollo 13, another Shuttle launch, and of course right now, all the Yuri's Night celebrations are gearing up!

Tomorrow night on the Space Coast, Kennedy's Astronaut Hall of Fame will feature live music & performance artists, science demonstrations and space simulations as they celebrate the first human in space... and as a special treat, Craftlass has been invited to sing her single, "Bake Sale For NASA."

NASA Bake Sale Song
Go to the Craftlass page and click the
Blue PLAY button on the right to listen!

It begins softly, then evolves into a catchy and meaningful tune. Space enthusiasts will not need any convincing over the truth to the lyrics, and it doesn't hurt to pass it far and wide for others to learn! Hint, hint.

My favorite refrain goes:
So let’s hold a bake sale for NASA,
show our love for a program that actually works.
The cookies are sure to be out of this world;
we could even have astros as clerks!

It's a very anthemy chorus, you'll be singing along before it's done! You can find the full song lyrics and a handy PDF of chord progressions at the Craftlass web site.

Craftlass NASA Song
"Elevate the whole human race!"

A portion of the profits generated by this song are donated to the Space Tweep Society, whose mission is to promote the enthusiasm of all things space! Members include NASA employees, astronomers, astrophysicists, scientists, educators, astronomers and space geeks all over the world… please join if you want to be part of the blogging, tweeting hub!