Monday, September 15, 2008

Turning Of The Page

The end of one story, the beginning of another. Today, we checked out of Seton Northwest Hospital in Austin, TX to begin our journey back to reality.

Funny story – the hospital Administrator & COO, Charles Durant, came up behind me and Devin while we were walking the hallways and asked, “Are you the Pillownauts?” LOL, yes we are! How did you know that word?? News traveled among the staff – at that point, the tremendously exhausted staff, who were all working extra because the hospital was crammed with evacuees. We thanked him for the hospitality during our stay, and let him know we’d had good experiences with the doctors, nurses and physical therapy crew. Thanks Chuck!

Pillow Nauts
Brent also came by this morning for our last exercise session… tormenting us on the stairs today! After that, we were all evaluated by our doctors and released. Marcus went to the airport to catch his plane to Seattle. So long Don Marco! D├ínae, aka "Magic Fingers," agreed to get Dumb & Dumber back to civilization. Here is our last Pillownauts group photo, outside the Seton Lobby.

For all other photos of people in the study before the hurricane. see our UTMB Subjects Gallery -- also added to the PHOTO*Galleries in the sidebar.

Here are the photos we took before and after the hurricane, loaded into the Evacuation & Rehab Gallery ... showing all our adventures on the road and during recovery.