Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Sad news today. This morning, the entire island of Galveston prepared to evacuate. The projected path of the hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico looks to be right on target to hit us. It may or may not, but the mayor and hospital administrators aren't going to chance it. We all rose a few hours ago and have been coping with gravity! No easy task when trying to pack to outrun a lethal storm!

So, here we are, Back on Earth. We are sad and disappointed, and it's hard not to be angry at the weather -- because of course we all would have preferred to finish our studies. Deron and Kjell, who had been down a shorter time, were driven to the airport and will fly home. Devin, Marcus and I may have health concerns now, because we've been head-down longer, and will require rehabilitation.

We three are now sitting upright, having a meal together and awaiting medical vehicles to arrive and drive us to a hospital in Austin, where we will continue re-conditioning and physical therapy.

We took some group photos this morning as we bid the staff farewell. We're pretty bummed NASA couldn't get more data out of us, but we're all pleased that many of us hit good milestones where our tests will be added to existing databanks.

The priority right now is simply to outrun the monster storm. So please keep all the good folk of the Texas coast in your thoughts and prayers, and we'll all check in again when we have an internet connection again!