Friday, September 26, 2008

Featured on NASA Web

While in the Spaceflight Simulation Study, Devin and I were both interviewed by a NASA Education Writer of the Marshall Space Flight Center, Heather R. Smith.

From the main page, click the top left link For Educators. Under Educator Features and Articles, click View Archive and scroll down to the 09.23 feature entitled Lying Around.

I missed it's appearance on the "front page" but now it's part of the archives! The direct link is:

This was so well-written, and unlike some other "in the news" experiences, no one attempted to sensationalize or trivialize. Our quotes were woven into the prose precisely as given, so I truly enjoyed this one. The author concentrated on the mechanics of the study, added the element of how we felt during certain phases, and further included "study value" comments by scientists Joe Neigut and Ronita Cromwell -- among the last people to leave Galveston on evacuation day after ensuring we would be cared for.

Never in a million years did I dream I would share a square-foot of print with Peggy Whitson! Now why couldn't THAT have happened before my 20-year high school reunion?? ;)