Friday, February 15, 2013

Snurk Beddengoed!


You read right... Snurk Beddenoged! Or, in Dutch, Snoring Bedding. This is the very first company to release a genuine, literal PILLOWNAUT product! Behold:

Astronaut bedsheets

 It's all too magical. Designed for single beds with children in mind, the new Astronaut bed sheet and pillow case set will be sold in March 2013, but space enthusiasts can pre-order now for €59,95 (about 80 American dollars or 145 Yen) and inspire your youngsters with, as Gizmodo calls this, the one fantasy job that always manages to beat out professional athlete and ninja!

A simple drawing of a space suit costume? Heck no, this amazingly detailed illustration on cotton & velour was a genuine space suit, photographed at the Space Expo Museum in Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

After March, you can also check out any stores worldwide that sell Snurk products.

Snurk Beddengoed

We definitely should have had these in the NASA ward during the bedrest studies!  These would be perfect for the beds at the Galveston unit where Flight Analogs to the Astronauts perform their medical tests.

If these sell, I am sure Snurk might consider offering double, Queen or King sets for space fans!  You can use their contact page to suggest such sets, as I have.
Designed in Holland and manufactured in Portugal, their collection of amusing comfort oddities also includes the Target Squirrel, knitted Granny Cushions,the Yawn collection, the White Bra and... Bob. Yeah, just Bob.